Frequently Asked Questions

I just received one of your products and there is a part damaged/missing. What do I do?

Call 1-888-333-1134 for assistance. During peak season you may have to leave a detailed message. You may also email with your shipping information, product name/number, and part needed. We can reply with tracking. Parts typically ship within 24 hours of notification.

Will the current parts retro-fit to the model that I purchased 10 years ago?

Yes, they will. If your model is more than 10 years old or you’re unsure how old it is, it’s best to look at a parts breakdown in the instruction manual to ensure. In some cases the parts have been broken down into a few pieces for packaging purposes, but will still fit. The assembly instructions are listed at the top of the page for each model.

I bought the Smart Step System (200600T/200700T) but now I have a deck. Can this system be converted to a deck mount?

Yes, it can. There are a few ways that this system can be converted to a deck mount. By removing the outside ladder and support tubes, you may be able to extend the support feet out to allow the platform and handrails of the #200700T to be mounted to the deck. If the deck meets the pool below the top rail, you can cut down the support tubes and mount the support tube base to the deck. If neither of these options are ideal, there is a deck conversion kit #200101T that will turn your entry system into a tradition drop-in step. Photos of these options are all available in our photo gallery.

The deck ladder I recently purchased seems to float. What can I do?

Ensure that the holes have been drilled in the deck to allow the handrail to go down through the deck boards. Before securing with set screws, ensure that the bottom of the ladder is resting on the pool floor and the curved handrail is in a “U” shape and not bowed.

Can the Smart Choice Ladder #200700T be used on the inside of the pool?

Unfortunately not. The ladder has safety features that allow the ladder body to swing up and be removed. If placed inside the pool, it will float.

My step seems to float inside the pool. What can I do?

On a 2’ wide step, 100 lbs. of sand is required to weigh the step down. On a 3’ wide step, 150 lbs. of sand are required to weigh the step down. In both cases, the sand bags are placed over the ballast tray underneath the step. An optional product, the Anchor #200888, can be used in place of bags. Each Anchor holds approximately 50 lbs. of sand.

I’m interested in the Power Ionizer, will it work with my pool?

The Power Ionizer will treat up to 40,000 gallons of pool water. It is will work with any above ground swimming pool. For inground pools, you may need to add a bypass due to the 1 ½” plumbing on the chamber.

How long does the chamber last on the Power Ionizer?

The chamber typically lasts one swimming season on most pools. This may vary due to pool size, weather, and usage. The chamber needs to be replaced when the red “Chamber” light is illuminated.

The lights on the front of my Power Ionizer are not working. Do I need to replace it?

In most cases, only the power cords needs to be replaced. A clipped wire or tripped transformer (small black box attached to the power cord) is often the issue. You can purchase a replacement here.

How long does the charge last on the Smart Lite?

The Smart Lite should remain on the charging base for 2-3 hours to achieve a full charge. After fully charged, the charge will last up to 20 hours.

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